Art Lessons


Art Lessons

Welcome to the wonderful & relaxing world of Freestyle Acrylic painting. Lessons are conducted for those who have experience in painting, have dabbled with painting in the past, or have never picked up a brush. Lessons with artist and studio owner, Bruce White, are a relaxing way to express your inner artist. Wild Mountain Designs & Art offers 3 different courses: beginner, adult and youth. Our goal is for you, as a student, to GROW in your art, leaving with new or revived skills in brushstroke, texture, color mixing, values and hue. Lesson focus includes skyscapes, oceans & beaches and still lifes.


  • Beginner Courses consist of learning the basics  of  choosing and using the right brush, mixing colors, and moving paint on the canvas to create a sky, clouds, mountains, roads, tree, and fences — the elements that make up a beautiful landscape. Our Beginner course is a 2 hour, 8 week relaxing and fun time to develop a new skill. For the fee of $180 it includes private time in the studio, all art supplies, carry box, and instruction manual. The beginner course can be at your pace, and schedule.
    Old Road / 12"x16" / Not for Sale

    Old Road, first painting you create with     Bruce.


  •  Adult Art Lessons are a time where you can paint along with Bruce at your own pace. Time may be scheduled in 2 hour time blocks, weekly or at your own preferred pace. Your ideas come together and create beautiful canvases to enjoy. The fee is $22 for each 2 hour sessions.


  • Youth Art Lessons are a good time for kids to get creative. Kids as young as 6 can come in and paint with Bruce, creating wonderful imaginative canvases to enjoy.Older kids can learn techniques with the paints and brushes. Fees are $10 for each hour of instruction. Lessons can be scheduled on your schedule.


  • Water Color  Watercolor class is designed for beginner and intermediate artists wishing to explore and improve watercolor painting techniques. This course starts with the basics and progresses gradually to more complex subjects and concepts completing a finished project at the end of the course. Each week we will touch on new techniques building from the previous lesson.  A variety of concepts, subjects, application techniques, and forms of watercolor are explored providing a full spectrum of application for students. We will explore both loose forms of watercolor and how to add great detail to your work in this fun medium. 

If you have any questions about our Art Lessons, contact us at 336-940-3178, Facebook, or email